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The Arbor Capital are experts in corporate
finance and more. Our team is experienced and
well-positioned to assist with your requirements.

The Arbor Capital are experts in corporate finance and more. Our team is experienced and well-positioned to assist with your requirements.

Transaction & Corporate
Advisory Services

Arbor Capital provides a wide range of Transaction and Corporate Advisory Services
to accelerate your business strategies into reality and sustainability.

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Grant funding
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Experts in corporate
finance and more

The Arbor Capital team consists of highly skilled professionals whose specialist skills extend beyond the narrower definition of corporate finance. Each team member brings specific industry knowledge, as well as geographical- and cultural reach. Through a well-established partnership network, we can increase our skills and manpower base at short notice to ensure effective execution on client projects.

From experience we have learnt – within reasonable bounds – how much time, effort and skill are required to become properly acquainted with our clients’ strategies and objectives. We fully understand and plan for challenges that can arise when executing projects such as Mergers, Acquisitions, Take-Overs, Listings and Restructurings on behalf of our clients.

“Greatness is not a function
of circumstance.”

Jim Collins

Business Researcher, Author, Speaker and Consultant

Services from Associates

We believe a business will never reach its full potential if its human capital investment strategy is not in line with its business and financial outcomes. Our team is vastly experienced in helping you and your organisation to enhance this portion of your strategic development.

Communication and the way you communicate with your audience is key to the eventual success of your organisation. Our brand communication specialists will guide you during the branding design and communication process.

It is often the most difficult thing to do – raising a small amount of capital for your business or obtaining high-quality advice for a small transaction. Our team can fulfil your needs on this front.

Obtaining the right capital for the right goal almost always hinges on the comfort provided once the investment company has been thoroughly investigated by way of due diligence. With that comes the appropriate tax planning to ensure optimal returns for investors.

Finance departments often assume that all systems are in place for full recovery, but it is normally not completely the case due to a number of reasons such as regular amendments to the VAT act and financial restrictions preventing companies from performing a proper VAT review by external auditors. Our team will review your VAT submissions at no risk to your company and prevent any overpaid VAT from becoming state funds if not corrected within 5 years of submission.

Achieving the optimum transaction strategy, structure and implementation is an art. This goal can be achieved by ensuring that the correct valuation and financial modelling steps have been followed. Clients often need Fairness Opinions for public transactions or Fair and Reasonable Opinions for TRP transactions.

Legal advice, input and know-how are critical during transaction-making. Our experts will gladly assist you in reaching your goals.
In association with AcaciaCap Advisors, we provide JSE-approved Sponsor Services to companies listed on the Main Board of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and Designated Advisor services to companies listed on the Alternative Exchange (AltX). We catalyse capital strategies by providing expert services to listed clients. Moreover, we collaborate with companies in the process of listing on the JSE and assist them with their ongoing obligations once listed.

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Arbor Capital is an entrepreneurial business owned by entrepreneurs and managed by our
executive team. We provide a wide range of Transaction & Corporate Advisory services to
accelerate your business strategies into reality and sustainability.